Click on the map to see the geoword


… is an open source service and JavaScript package to assign every 3x3-square on earth a unique address based on words. It has various improvements in comparison to other providers, which you can see below.


Share your floor number, parking level or other altitudes


Share detailed positions inside buildings, e.g. a room, door or restaurant table


Usable via phone in emergency, because no words sound similar
(based on DoubleMetaphone)


Conversion between GPS and Geowords is always offline. More


Supports interstellar objects, space stations, or other objects-like buildings – even arbitrary polygons as tile shapes


npm install
and build your own map … or have a look at the repository

No trackers, no ads, full privacy!


Add it as search engine: with %s as geoword to search for


Mapcode(only country level)
What3words(similar soundings)
Eircode(only 🏘) detail → longer)
legend: click on cells, information as of January 2023